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Adress:                             Bremer Straße 9, 21073 Hamburg

Telephone:                       0157/72004918 (Michael) or  0157/74070334 (Café)




May 25, 2020


Dear Guests! The Café might open again for smaller groups or single persons in about one or two months. The opening would at first be limited to certain days of the week for special activities and offers. You can practice your German and talk with each other. We can play games together or we can offer help and assist you in filling out forms.


Are you interested? Then please write an Email to


We will let you have the latest information and contact you in due time.


Sorry, we are closed because of the Coronavirus!

Monday 16 - 19 o´clock
Tuesday 16 - 19 o´clock
Wednesday 16 - 19 o´clock
Thursday 16 - 19 o´clock
Saturday 16 - 19 o´clock

Every first Tuesday of the month people from Café Refugio and other Harburg citizens meet at 8:15 pm to hold a solemn vigil. They want to commemorate those refugees who died during their flight. The meeting point is in front of Café Refugio.